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30th Annual Meeting on Nutrition & Food Sciences, will be organized around the theme “Promoting quality of healthy life through Nutrition and Food”

Nutrition Meeting 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Nutrition Meeting 2019

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Food Science is a study which incorporates the essential Physical, Chemical, engineering and Biological viewpoints to ponder the idea of sustenance’s, the standards of food processing, and the reason for their deterioration and the shelf life of usability of the food stuffs. Food Chemistry, a piece of Food science incorporates the investigation of all the chemical processes and the connections of non-organic and natural segments in food particles, arrangement, structure and properties of sustenance and furthermore the chemical changes that happen amid the handling and usage.



Nutrition is the science of food and the manners by which the body utilizes it. Nutrition in the food gives us energy and help to frame body tissues and they are an important part of healthy life and maturing. Health is a man's physical condition in being free from sickness or injury. The objective of healthy maturing is to enable individuals to create and keep up the practical capacity that empowers prosperity.


The transformation of raw materials to a completely processed or marketable food items by including the physical, biological and chemical changes is Food Processing and the systems or the techniques utilized in the production of the end product is Food Processing and Technology.


Dietary supplements alludes to a product which expect to enhance the diet and must contain both of the dietary ingredient, for example, nutrients, minerals, Amino acids, herbs or different botanicals, concentrates, metabolite, constituent, extract or the blend of these substances. Functional Foods is the food ingredient that gives medical advantage past the customary level of supplement that the food substance can give. Natural raw foods genetically enhanced raw foods, Fortified foods, Dietary supplements and Functional foods falls under nutraceuticals.


Nutritional epidemiology is the connection between the diet and the long haul health and diseases. Epidemiological investigations directly interface the dietary admission and the ingenuity of sickness among the populace. Malnutrition is a condition of nutrition in which there is an insufficiency or unevenness of vitality, protein, micronutrients or different supplements that causes unfavourable consequences for the body tissues, functions and clinical result.


Pediatric Nutrition is the support of a well-balanced diet involving the basic nutrition and the agreeable caloric affirmation vital to propel advancement and deal with the physiological essentials at the diverse periods of a child's development. Maternal nutrition in the midst of pregnancy and quality of the offspring is the limit of mother to give supplements and oxygen to her baby is a fundamental factor for fetal prosperity and its survival. Lacking to giving the adequate proportion of enhancements to deal with fetal interest can provoke fetal malnutrition.


Public Health is the science and strength of avoiding diseases, drawing out life and propelling prosperity of the well-being through the sorted out endeavors of society. It draws on a broad assortment of different controls, from the investigation of the study of disease transmission and insights, to human science and health matters.


Plant Nutrition circulates works that analyse how the organic matter and mineral substance of the area condition impacts the nutritional status of plants, and the animals including individuals that feed upon them. Animal Nutrition fixates on the dietary needs of creatures, essentially those in cultivating and food production, yet furthermore in zoos, aquariums, and untamed life organization. There are seven imperative classes of supplements: sugars, fats, fiber, minerals, proteins, nutrients, and water.


Human nutrition deals with the arrangement of basic supplements in sustenance that is critical to encourage human life and prosperity wellness. Poor nutrition is a wearisome issue routinely associated with destitution, food security or a poor appreciation of nutrition and dietary practicesDietetics is the science concerned about the nutritional arranging and arrangement of food for wellbeing.


Clinical nutrition is food of patients in medical care. It intertwines basically the logical fields of food and dietetics. It means to keep a solid energy balance in patients, and furthermore giving satisfactory supplements, for instance, protein, nutrients, minerals.


  • Track 10-1Food & Nutritional Toxicology
  • Track 10-2Food & Nutritional Immunology
  • Track 10-3Nutritional Biochemistry

Dairy science incorporates the learning of animal nutrition, reproduction, lactation and business. It centres around the chemical, biological, physical, and microbiological parts of milk itself, and on the mechanical handling parts of the change of milk into its different end products, for example, fermented items, dried and concentrated items, spread and dessert, beverages.


Food containing nutrition, for example, proteins, carbs, and fat are broken down by the catalysts in the digestive systems and conveyed to the cells as fuels. They are utilized promptly or they are stored in liver, fat and tissues for later utilized. At the point when this procedure fails, it prompts metabolic disorders, for example, nutrition and vitamin deficiency, liver ailment etc.



Food Safety and Standards in food business incorporates the laws which identifying with food and FSSAI to manage the science of their manufacture, storage, distribution, and sale and to guarantee the wellbeing and healthiness of the sustenance for definite utilization which incorporates HACCP, BIS, FSMS.


  • Track 13-1Food preservation and Food storage

Probiotics are living microbes that possess our digestive track and are normally found in fermented and cultured foods. It keeps up solid levels of good microscopic organisms in the digestive tract and supports immune defences. Prebiotics are those which are unaffected by absorption which achieve the internal organ and feed the good microbes in the gut to help them develop.


Nutraceuticals originates from food supply that offers health benefits, moreover to the fundamental dietary benefit that region unit to be found inside the food. It enhances wellbeing, Prevents maturing and enhances the structure and subsequently the functions of the body. The arrangements embody Dietary enhancements and functional foods. Food that is specially built up that is intended for dietary administration of sickness that has nutritional substance that can't be met by a standard diet is Medicinal food.


Nutrition education is a fundamental component in rising dietary habits and food determinations, in order to invert the under nutrition and enhance the nutritional analysis. Poor dietary habits and absence of physical movement might be the most purpose behind poor nutritional status among the adults.


Nutrition education is a fundamental component in rising dietary habits and food determinations, in order to invert the under nutrition and enhance the nutritional analysis. Poor dietary habits and absence of physical movement might be the most purpose behind poor nutritional status among the adults.



During and after the cancer treatment, diet must be maintained. Nutritional therapy is utilized in malignancy care to keep up the prosperity of the cancer patients to recoup from the reactions amid and after the cancer treatment.



Nutrition psychology is that the psychological investigation of mental element, similar to meal choices, influence nutrition, psychological wellbeing, and overall wellbeing. . Nutrition psychological science tries to get a handle on the connection between dietary conduct and emotional wellness/prosperity.


Obesity is the condition when the surplus fat collects in our body in the lining underneath the fatty tissue. It results in varied health associated issues like coronary failure, stroke, and cardiovascular infection and so on. Diabetes is that the significant drawback everywhere caused by changed ecological and hereditary factors. Significant hazard is kidney factors. Endocrinology is completely connected with the organ and hormones in our body. It's identified with drug and physiology.


Waste utilization use is progressively turning into a pattern in food segments in light of the fact that the wastes delivered contains some measure of dietary benefits which can be used in the generation of by-products. Obtaining by-products from these wastes may build the monetary yield of the food industries. By-products are ordinarily used to fortify animal fodders, fruits and vegetable peels are also used to obtain pectin, and dietary fiber concentrates.


Food microbiology centers around an expansive style of current investigation on microorganisms that have each helpful and injurious effect on the protection and quality of foods, and are in this way a need of public health.


The business of developing and mercantilism food could be a wide discipline. Food Business Management could be a particular blend of chemistry, financial matters, engineering, Marketing and biology. There square measure a few quantities of partnerships giving current and past organizations concerned in food creation or process.